Fans connect with AKB48 on Google+


There is a special Google+ website for AKB48 called “AKB48 Now on Google+“. Fans can now join their favorite member’s circle and get information about her.

Besides AKB48, members of AKB48′s sister groups, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 are on Google+ too.

Here's how to join the AKB48 (SKE48, NMB48, HKT48) members’ circle.

  1. Go to “AKB48 Now on Google+” page.

  2. Search for your favorite members from category by groups.

For example, if you click “AKB48″ from the category, you can search each team in AKB48 (team A, team K, team B, and team 4) making it easier to find your favorite member. You can add all members in AKB48.

There are also AKB48 members’ individual pages in English, Chinese (traditional Chinese characters and simplified Chinese characters), Korean, Thai and Indonesian.

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I asked my wife and did not get any real answer. Does anyone know if they graduate high school with an actual class?

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I'll pass.

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Who cares, anyone who would whore themselves out commercially like these groups do is not smart enough to graduate from any school. Have you seen the contracts they have? They basically are indentured servants.

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The obsession with this group is really sad. Over produced, over marketed sometimes creepy promotioned project that should be for kids, but is frighteningly embraced by older people and dripping with the worst qualities of fluffy J-pop. I mean how much sugar can a society eat before it gets sick or dies from kawaii overdose?

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It is obviously not the girls and a marketing company running the profiles, so how is this anything different than "fake" restaurant reviews?

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@my2sense At least one that I know of, Natsumi Hirajima, chose to attend regular high school. The majority of them take correspondence or part-time high school courses.

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This is showing up here now??? AKB partnered with Google+ back in mid-December; I was expecting to see this a month ago. . .

Through Google+ they've already streamed a live concert, an AKB family kouhaku and there were some really great performances. Anyways, Aki-P has a page too and he frequently posts interesting and humorous comments. The interaction between the members is sometimes pretty funny. This certainly helps make AKB more accessible to the international fan base, and as someone trying to learn Kanji it's fun trying to translate the posts and follow along with the latest news.

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I think some "grown up people" on JT need to find a better hobby. This is kids stuff and by that i mean pre teen level.

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..... Is JT gonna hit the headlines as the next site with false reviews? Looking at that AKB48 appraisal

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The website that shows you what your baby would look like with an AKB48 member is much better, not! This fad is both sexually exploitive and childish. Oh, Japan! When will you grow up???

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Finally! I have been waiting for a way to develop an even deeper connection to AKB48. They are not nearly on TV shows, commercials magazines and internet sites nearly enough to learn the amount needed to really feel like a true fan of AKB48. Thankfully, Google has seen fit to help us find our favorite members much more easily. I am sure I am not the only one who will sleep soundly knowing that I can join a members circle for AKB48.

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but is frighteningly embraced by older people

Oh yeah. I can't tell you how I and everyone I know are frightened by this tkoind2! Its just so gosh darned scary!

Come on. Not long ago guys that age would seek girls that age for marriage. Now their only outlet is Facebook with AKB48. Why that terrifies you is beyond comprehension. Its not like there has been a rash of abductions lately. Quite the opposite in fact.

The only thing frightening here is your unnecessary fear.

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I hope they are smart enough to employ chat robots.

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