Fans flock to 'Downton Abbey' castle ahead of film debut


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Donto Sapporo.

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I can’t stand nonsense like this. Reactionary mush written by a rank Tory.

Then again, it does make money like we see here, and I do like the old class warrior rants.

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British class system survives even today. Like some aristocrat dies and at his funeral all the servants walk in their various uniforms behind the family and behind the coffin following one last final order from the grave.

End the class system!

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Downton Abbey is pretty awful TV, cliched dullness written by a reactionary an old hack. Sells well to foreign TV stations though.

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I really enjoyed Downton Abbey. It is interesting to see life in bygone days. It was as good as Upstairs Downstairs.

Does the UK still have a class system?

Every English person says No, not anymore (wink).

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