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Fans flock to remember 'Friends' star Matthew Perry in New York


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I do hope they will find out what caused his cardiac arrest.

He was quite open about his addictions due to the pressure and performance anxiety during the running of Friends.

He has said in interviews that he was constantly consuming so much alcohol and drugs that he doesn’t even remember much of the later seasons.

That kind of heavy use will definitely put an undue strain on your heart, and without remedial care and exercise, can very well lead to a heart attack in a hot tub.

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“The Whole Nine Yards”

With Bruce Willis, funny movie.


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Well this is a downer :-(

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Could this news be any sadder?

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I do hope they will find out what caused his cardiac arrest.

Just by looking as his life it is clear there is no huge mystery about it. Addictions and excesses take a toll in the health of a person. It would not be surprising at all that this is found as the reason.

Could this news be any sadder?

Looking at other tragic deaths of celebrities there are a lot of things that could have made this sadder, relapses, depression related bad decisions, long and gruesome disease, violence, etc. In the middle of the sad death it is a small silver lining that none of those things happened.

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rainydayToday  12:25 pm JST

Could this news be any sadder?

just have a look at 'the news' every day....

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just have a look at 'the news' every day....

Yeah in case it wasn't clear I was just referencing his character's catchphrase there, not making a statement that I meant to be taken literally.

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Someone obviously didn't watch Friends

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Life is what you make, and the end result is what you take with it! What you put in you get out! It is what it is!

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"Friends" and by association Mr. Perry were Iconic. I didn't watch "Friends" but that does not diminish the reaction of people who did. Some people weren't fans of "The Beatles" either, but Lennon's murder and Harrisons early death were taken hard by their fans and the reaction from non-fans was sympathetic at least. I didn't know his work very much, be I can sympathize with those who are affected by his death. And even to me it is, in fact, sad news.

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I got three downvotes for saying his death is a downer. Are those people celebrating this?

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