Fans' fury as Justin Bieber two hours late for London concert


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Why was he late? I remember The Pogues being late on stage because Shane was absolutely rat-arsed. You can drink in England at 18. I just hope Justin doesn't go the way of other legends like Janis, Jimi and Jim.

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I bet some of those parents who got to leave before he came on stage were secretly delighted....

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He was 2 hours late showing up at 10:30 which means the concert was supposed to start at 8:30. Why do parents complain that it is late for a school night and they take their kid to an 8:30 concert?

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I agree with other posters - Why are parents taking kids to a concert on a school night? They have no basis for complaining!

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while the venue played Michael Jackson songs over and over again in an attempt to keep them happy

Dear god.

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I would just like to know why he was late. If it was a personal issue or something important I can see why he missed, if it was traffic or a security problem even more so. He should have put on another show another day for free as compensation for the delay

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So the concert didn't start until just about the time it was supposed to be over. Based on the picture, I'm guessing he couldn't find his sunglasses and made a flunky go out and buy a new pair (a specific brand and style, of course) at 8:25.

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If he can't stand the heat, then he ought to stay out of the kitchen.

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So the managers of this children's act didn't think these children need to get home on public transport that would be shut half way through the late gig they had paid for( sorry parents paid for heavily) Maybe this behavior might be ok for adults , but not children/teenagers.

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it's the fan's fault, for going to this idiot's concert, to begin with. Jimizo, it's a blasphemy to compare beiber with Janis, Jimi and Jim. don't do that again.

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it's a blasphemy to compare beiber with Janis, Jimi and Jim. don't do that again

Or even Shane MacGowan for that matter !

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Taking early teens to a concert that starts at 8.30 and ends at 10.30 seems ok to me. Probably couldn't get tickets for the weekend. If this spoilt brat could be bothered to start on time, would have been fine. I preferred his old "do" (dodgy as it was) to this new "quiff" look.

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"@team beiber" now claim it was 'technical issues' that delayed the show....that covers a multitude of reasons from running out of pins to keep his trousers on to flat batteries for his bejeweled microphone, though rumour has it he was just tired out from too much partying with 14 year old Jaden Smith and his new 17 year old girl Ella-Paige Roberts-Clark, despite all being banned for entering a nightclub in the UK...

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This is the explanation http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/celebrity/bieber-late-because-he-was-being-taylor-swift-2013030561750

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Justin B...omg who would pay to see him anyway? Expect to be disappointed in many ways.

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It's funny because every generation has their bubble gum pop stars and the generation before them despises the new pop artists. We hate Justin Bieber and One Direction now. When we were kids, we had NKOTB which our parents generation hated.

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I just hope Justin doesn't go the way of other legends like Janis, Jimi and Jim.

I would never wish that on anyone either BUT I do wish he would just go away.

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It seems even Justin Bieber doesn't want to go to a Justin Bieber concert.

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u mad justin bieber? :D

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