Fans injured during Kanjani Eight concert in Yokohama


Pop idol agency Johnny's said Friday that two female fans were injured by gypsum boards that fell about seven meters from the roof during a live concert by the group Kanjani eight in Yokohama on Thursday.

According to police, the boards hit the heads of the two, aged 24, and 52, who were on the third flood of Yokohama Arena, around 6:45 p.m. They received minor injuries. The fallen boards were 1.4 meters wide and weighed 4.3 kilograms. Some concertgoers told police they saw legs in the hole on the roof. Police are investigating whether unauthorized persons sneaked into the venue.

The concert, attended by 10,000 people, went on uninterrupted after the incident.

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What the heck is a gypsum board? Anything like gypsum weed? Those crazy concert-goers.

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Gypsum is a compound used to make plaster and gypsum board is plaster board which can be used to construct inner walls in houses in UK. Were've u bin for de last 40 years. Plastered at some baseball game getting bored. English can be confusing at times.

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