Fans outraged at soaring Rolling Stones ticket prices


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Not every day you get to see dinosaurs playing rock... Dinosaur fans gotta' pony up!

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Greedy old men..

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One would think that in the twilight of their careers, they'd give something back to the many who've made them so wealthy, so successful. Instead they behave like the greedy prima-donnas they perhaps always were.

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get your 'yeah yeahs out.'

yeah yeah, i mean, jees... let's give a little more thought to this one before jumping all over the band. There are bottles of vintage wine, aged for less time that go for price beyond what the ticket price is for a concert like this. There are paintings that go for millions and took less time to produce...

Think a little more? There are bombs dropped on countries. Bombs that consume unsuspecting audiences of just-regular-folk; caught in the path. Bombs costing tons of cash compared to this sum-per-ticket price to a rock and roll show.

I have been to the Stones 3 times -- I pay -- I say a quiet "thank you" at the end.

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The so-called fans who "reacted with fury" are not real fans. Ya wanna hear quality, ya gotta pay.. These guys are A-list; why should they work for peanuts? Those of us who wanna see a great show are happy to pay for a ticket.

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The Stones had their heyday in the 60's and 70's and have been has beens ever since. Those old farts need to realize that it was at least twenty years ago when they should have hung up their act and gone on to another gig. Ego, ego and more ego fueled by drugs and alcohol.

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one man's crappy music is another man's favorite band. i have never particularly cared for them but to each his own. i hope the lucky people that got tix enjoy the show.

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I believe the American show-man P.T. Barnum said it best . . . There's a sucker born every minute.

4 shows in a 20K seat arena, that 80K "fans" and the 4 guys are going to earn $25million, that is $312 per ticket just for the 4 guys. Actually sounds like the scalpers are going to make more money than the "Stones"

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I'm a life long Stones fan and went to my first concert in 1968, and numerous times after that but I wouldn't pay these ticket prices. Since this will most likely will be the final ones, the Stones should be playing for free or cheap ticket to thank all their fans, like me, who have supported them all these 40+ years.

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The very least the Stones could do for all their fans across the globe is to put the concerts live on the web, still like U2 did on one occasion.

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They could have made free live concerts in Central Park NY and Hyde Park London, (which they did in 1969) and broadcast them live on the web.

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I went to see them many years ago, during the Steel Wheels tour. Great show, glad I went. I paid $250 for a 6th row seat from a "ticket broker" (American euphemism for scalper). I wouldn't bother seeing them again. If I want to see them in all their glory, I have a DVD of "Ladies and Gentlemen..." to watch. Or I can close my eyes and listen to Exile again. :-)

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Supply and Demand. No one is forcing anyone to buy a ticket. Is it ridiculous? Yeah, maybe. But it's the individual's choice whether to buy or not. I personally wouldn't pay so much. That's just my choice.

I've seen them a few times. Enjoyed Aerosmith much more.

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who are they?

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This "tour" apparently only has four shows? Unlike an actual tour where the costs of producing the shows are spread out over 30 or 40 dates, this time around only four shows have to foot the production costs. I'm not surprised in the least that the tickets are so much higher than what would be considered normal.

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and Charlie,Keith,Mick and Ronnie pocket 25 mill....

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