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'Fantasia' festival combines music with traditional Japanese culture


“Fantasia,” which will be held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture, on Nov 18, is a brand new music festival that celebrates Japanese beauty through music, fashion and media art.

Titled “Fantasia - Episode 1 Princess Kaguya,” the show will be based on "Taketori Monogatari,” one of Japan’s oldest stories. There will be "100 stories" unfolding at various zones and visitors will be able to experience Japanese culture in 20 rooms.


Japanese singer May'n as Princess Kaguya

There will also be DJs such as BASEMENT JAXX, Bassjackers, DADA LIFE, Thomas Jack, NERVO, banvox, and ALISA UENO, who will be performing on an elaborate stage.

Directing the event is Ryo Oguri who directed the first Cirque du Soleil show in Japan. Japanese singer May’n, who has has done five solo tour overseas, will play the role of Princess Kaguya.

Organizers said "Fantasia" is attracting a lot of anticipation on how it will transmit Japanese tradition and culture with music.

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I saw the ads on instagram and except for the djs this looks like an interesting event.

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Basement Jaxx. I'm there.

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Cool concept but nonsensical DJ lineup as the result of an organizer crew that is really out of touch with the music scene.

This is actually the replacement for Japan's failed launch of the Sensation festival, which tanked two years in a row but the organizing company had already reserved Makuhari Messe quite far in advance and likely didn't want to cut their losses on that.

The pre-launch party for Fantasia that already happened earlier this year was bizarrely bad. It was a concept that should have been good but was badly executed. From an organizational standpoint it was just sloppy, lacked cohesiveness as an event, and was poorly promoted. But the concept of having 20 different rooms to explore at this one sounds pretty cool at least.

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Ah yes. The traditional Japanese culture of BMX biking.

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