Farewell event held for late Anpanman creator Yanase


A farewell event titled “Thank you, Mr Yanase Takashi! Congratulations on your 95th birthday!” was held in Tokyo on Thursday, which would have been the 95th birthday of Takashi Yanase, the creator of Japan's wildly popular "Anpanman" cartoon. Yanase died of heart failure last October.

His favorite photo taken at the “Anpanman Exhibition” last May was displayed on the altar, surrounded by 350 stuffed Anpanman characters. Voice actress Keiko Toda, 56, who played Anpanman, said, "There are a lot of memories with him but I just want to say ‘Thank you,'" Sports Nippon reported.

Yanase's last film, “Soreike! Anpanman Ringo Bouya to Minna no Negai,” will be released on July 5.

Anpanman -- whose name reflects the red beans and bread he is made from -- first appeared in 1973 in a picture book.

The cape-wearing hero takes on dastardly opponents to save the downtrodden from oppression, ultimately offering them his own bread head as sustenance.

The costumed crusader made his first television appearance in Japan in 1988 and continues to occupy a prime broadcast slot for children every Friday afternoon.

Anpanman is popular in places as far flung as Hong Kong and Brazil, with a vast merchandising machine following his televised adventures.

The cartoon entered the Guinness World Records in 2009 for the largest number of characters, at more than 1,700.

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I've laughed so many times watching Anpanman. Thank you.

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Rest in peace, Yanase-san. My two sons loved "Anpanman" when they were young ! (So did their parents ! )

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I actually never heard of that Anime or is it really a cartoon but anyway, may he Rest In Peace.

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Its nice to read about someone who left this crazy world putting smiles on many people faces and leaving long lasting memories. RIP

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It must have been amazing for him to see his creation become so popular to generations of Japanese children. I'm sure the popularity will continue for generations to come.

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