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1st film written by Japanese AI bot takes movie-making to next phase

By Donican Lam

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Imagination comes from the fact that humans are inferior to robots.

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I would like to see this even knowing human intervention was necessary to make the film "viewable". I don't expect any of these films to wind any oscar, but it is interesting to see a story made mostly by algorithms, it can tell a lot about what is what people consider valuable in storytelling.

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"The quality (of the script) was about the same level as one written by a human.”

Hmm. What does this say about human screenwriters?

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Most art coming out if Japan in the past few decades is so formulaic and derivative, most people won’t know the difference.

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Most Hollywood movies are no different now. Formulas scripts and sequels. What are we on now, Spiderman XIV and Mission Impossible XXII?

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Hollywood films have long been written by formula per film category.

Simply because AI does it ( per formula ) doesn't make it any different.

This is truly an uninteresting article.

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