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Actor Ken Watanabe's encounters with 3/11 victims a 'lifetime's work'

By May Masangkay

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Mr Watanabe also played leading roles in NHK Taiga Drama series namely Dokuganryu Masamune (1987) and Homura Tatsu (1993-94), samurai period dramas whose backdrop is Tohoku. Dokuganryu was successful in driving him to the stardom. He owes his acting career success to the region.

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A nice guy.

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He hangs out at the cafe K-port in Kesenuma sometimes.

Some friends of mine dropped in for a coffee a few months ago and he was sitting in the corner reading a newspaper.

When he saw my friends, he came over and said, "It's a beauitiful day outside, do you want to take a pic out there?"

Then he said to the oba-chan working in the field next door, "Hey, Oban-chan can you take our photo?"

As you can imagine my friends loved it.

He is there about once a month.

Thank you, Ken.

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Amazing actor.. I really admire him for his works and what he's doing now for these people.

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He hangs out at the cafe K-port in Kesenuma sometimes.

Volunteered in Kesenuma and if anyone would like to take a look at the true extent of the disaster; go up and take a look and do anything you can.

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Gojira ‘s best friend.


” saraba, tomo yo. “

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Met one time, very charismatic.

i wanted him for PM.

but his personal life is too complicated.

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Heard he will play some Samurai character in Takeshi Kitano's last film 'Kubi'

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Yes rumor has it, BackpackingNepal

Kitano Takeshi to Direct Adaptation of His Novel NECK (KUBI), His Final Film?

Ken Watanabe is likable, there nothing about the fellow that self-righteous

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