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American scholar films documentary on Japanese school lunches

By Matthew Carland

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Fish cake and curry... washoku... Can someone help me make the connection?

Might have to study at Harvard to find out.

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they look at food as something much more, as a tool to learn about other parts of society

Really? Never come across this before.

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My kids school meals were terrible here. Plus they were forced to drink lukewarm milk.

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Fish cake is kamaboko. Renown brand is Hakugin created by kamaboko artist.. Mr. Rihei Sugimoto of Mitajiri,, Hofu City Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Chikuwa is roll. Round and you slice to eat. You can float in soup

Curry was introduced by merchants from India. In winter, make hot with more curry. You

can make curry rice in winter.

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You can eat chikuwa or kamaboko as snack.

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@Tom: Are you in Japan? Can you pack your child's lunch?

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It seems that most every area in Japan has some food that they are considered ‘famous’ for. Be it from the farm, the ocean or some confection, there is a tie between food and local pride. I have always found that to be an interesting thing about the country.

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Curry was introduced by the British Royal Navy whom Meiji Japan looked to when they wanted to created a modern naval force. (They copied the Prussians for the army.)

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Same in my City 2 centres that provide lunch for elementary and JHS, some do still cook on premises but rare now.

Truck arrives and they unload carts(1 per class incl bowls, cutlery, etc), granted keeps the cost lower.

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Not everywhere in Japan met British military. Chugoku and Kyushu area had trading with India and Indian merchhants sold powdered curry that grew in their country.

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Where is her Kickstarter fundraising link? Why didn't you guys include it here?

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Check out the Kickstarter link! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1233213217/nourishing-japan

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