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Female DJs beating the odds in Japan boys' club electronic dance music scene

By Donican Lam

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"Even if guys are skilled DJs, there are only a few opportunities. For girls, being cute, showing a bit more, or being young catches the eye of organizers or venue owners. So for us as organizers, it's easier to make a girl famous than a guy," she said.

Sadly the case, especially among the crop of marquee DJs.

Well, it is like any other performance based art.

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the tendency for women to be objectified, or worse, based on their appearance lies at the heart of the issue.

Female DJs tend to dress in quite revealing attire, so they’re using it to their advantage and then complaining about being objectified. Seems an odd stance…

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It’s all a load of old cobblers really. Everything falls further towards gutter level by the day. Tedious, unoriginal people with little talent but massive egos.

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As an unsuccessful musician I can verify that women are better than men, both musically and in terms of filling up the venue. They have better skills, presentation, and are more likely to get the crowd rocking than egotistical male DJs that play what they like and not what the crowd wants. I think Lady Gaga would do well as an incognito Japanese female DJ.

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Marc Lower

Id never pay to see a DJ male or female, WTf is that all about?

Like to see bands and see a good show but DJ, erm no way Pedro!

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Just because you feel that.

Millions of people have enjoyed djs gigs.

Fat boy slim would have you dancing your old socks off

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What's a DJ? Press play, walk away.

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