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Freddie Mercury auction highlights his deep love for Japan


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a "fantastic impression" of Utagawa Hiroshige's masterpiece "Sudden Shower over Shin-Ohashi Bridge and Atake," which famously inspired a copy by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh

That's my favourite ukiyo-e!!!


I got a nice reproduction of it about 20 years ago as a Christmas present from my partner.

It was easy to buy on Omote-sando not far from the ukiyo-e museum. I'm so lucky.

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Would love to know how much the kimonos went for.

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Very interesting. Freddie was a pretty unique, and immensely talented, individual.

Some rich people collect expensive art without understanding it, but it seems Freddie did have a real love and appreciation for Japanese art and culture.

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Freddie Mercury's love for Japanese Culture?

Or Freddie Mercury's love for himself dressed up in countless rainbow hued Japanese kiminos?

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Or Freddie Mercury's love for himself dressed up in countless rainbow hued Japanese kiminos?

I'd say a love for Japanese culture. He had a large collection of other collectible items as stated in the article.

I can understand his fascination. I have a wide collection of Japanese antiques and a smaller one of Chinese. Japonisme was a major influence in Europe and its impact can be still seen today.


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Freddie Mercury's love for Japanese Culture?

Or Freddie Mercury's love for himself dressed up in countless rainbow hued Japanese kiminos?

Or maybe both.

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Freddie Mercury's love for Japanese Culture?

Freddie could smoke 60 Mevius on an all-day Silverback session.

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FYI , David Bowie was a Japanofile. He ven consider living in Nihon at one period of his life. He was very friendly with two Japanese American art dealers Kidd & Morimoto of my acquaintance and stayed in their Higashiyama Kyoto villa many times. Being a Japan art collector myself has influenced my life greatly and appears the lives of other creative individuals .

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Alright for Japanophiles and old people I guess. Not my cup of tea.

Nor was Mr Mercury and has flamboyant ways my sort of thing.

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