New documentary gives a human face to those with disabilities in Japan

By Mie Sakamoto

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Respect of others is everything.

Get educated and civilized.

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That was a truly terrible crime. I’m glad they found a silver lining in the documentary.

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Good on the director for making a film about and bringing attention to this topic which has been taboo in Japan for way too long. May others follow.

Satoshi Uematsu, 34, the convicted murderer now on death row who was an employee of Yamayuri En, also injured 26 others in the incident -- many seriously. He said at his trial that disabled people who cannot communicate their thoughts "create unhappiness" for others, while justifying his crime as being "useful to society."

Getting rid of this Uematsu animal and others like him will be very "useful to society".

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No one is perfect, we should all respect and understand each other, knowing that we all have known and unknown "DISABILITIES' that we can't, and could not control in the ways we were born through DNA, lastly we cannot predict how our lives with turn out, we just have to accept life as it is, enjoy it and respect it, because we have one life to live.

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