Feelings run high ahead of 'Downton Abbey' finale


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I watched the first three seasons on Netflix

Good Show, But I'm not sure if I want to continue Watching the remaining seasons, after the first three seasons where I suffered with the "will-they / won't-they" between Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley for him to spoilers die at the end of season three...

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Insightful drama is always to be welcomed, but on a Sunday evening people just want to be entertained... brains switched off and eyes wide open. I certainly don't want to watch angst ridden dramas where characters tear their hair out and wax lyrical about the unfairness of life as they play chess with Death.

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Dull as ditchwater drama, hopefully ITV will now use it's drama budget to make something a bit more original and insightful, though I doubt it. If you want to watch an excellent drama that is more than just a soap opera in old costumes, take a look at the BBC's recent production of An Inspector Calls.

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Jimizo, it's just a piece of fluff TV... we don't all need "Boys from the Blackstuff" or social dramas where everyone says "Ee it was dark down t'pit..." or "I'm off to march on London for my right to be a flat cap wearing, braces tugging arse". It's escapist TV, and people enjoy it, what's so bad about that?

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I actually found the show to be interesting and enjoyed watching it.

Are there any more rightwing Tories out there ready to churn out more twee reactionary nostalgia?

If anything, I would say that it shows how silly we as humans can be when we get caught up in perpetrating a system based solely on "because it has always been that way." I doubt if you have watched the show, but the Lord of the manner is rich, but not by his own wit but by inheritance and he has almost lost it all. As far as his family, sure they like to think that they are above the fray but when it comes down to it, they will do anything for money.

But overall, I think it is a good show, no excessive violence, though they had to put some of the "gay agenda" into it and not a bad watch for TV. I do prefer the Australian equivalent, "A Place To Call Home" which is set post WW2 in the early 50's in Australia.

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not my cup of tea (served by maid at 4 pm sharp, with muffins). I prefer the PG Wodehouse take on the goings on in the Edwardian country house.

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Very apt that it finishes in the 20s, from a Japanese media perspective at least. It upholds the media stereotype of Britain being embalmed around that time.

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Never seen this show but heard good things about it.

BTW who is that pretty lady with the white jacket?

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Are there any more rightwing Tories out there ready to churn out more twee reactionary nostalgia? Who's around? Douglas Hurd finished his arse-kissing book on the queen and has written crap fiction in the past. He could be the very man. The Daily Mail could start a campaign.

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