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FIFA film mocked by U.S. media


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Blatter's longevity amazed me. clown. how Roth can play him in this travesty is beyond me. though we should be clear that his replacement is likely to be just as ridiculous. David Ginola anyone?

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It opened on Friday in the U.S. in 10 theatres in New York; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Phoenix; Kansas City; Miami; Minneapolis; Houston; Dallas; and Philadelphia.

The Hollywood Reporter says the film earned $319 on Friday and $288 on Saturday in those theatres.

Yes, a total of $607.

At the theatre in Phoenix it earned $9.

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Only Fifa could prepare the making of a film centered around a major global sporting event and insist the 'heroes' are the boardroom executives.

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The timing is so comical you have to wonder whether they're deliberately trying to sabotage themselves

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Tim Roth...face palm...why take this role?

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They really do need to make a movie about the making of this movie.

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BBC This morning (morning in the USA east coast time)

Documents 'show Fifa bribe payments'  A BBC investigation sees evidence that details what happened to the $10m sent from Fifa to accounts controlled by former vice-president Jack Warner. 3 hours ago From the section Latin America & Caribbean Related content Video Exclusive: Where the $10m went Fifa corruption report - what now? Fifa: Why should I care? Fifa corruption claims: Key questions answered

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Methinks this is not the last movie to be made about FIFA. In fact, I bet a script is already in the works. I'll wait for that.

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Gerald is perfect for the role. A fat, old European guy with hard to understand English.

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I am open to a bribe of $150 million in order to watch the film . . .

And the film has the rare honor of earning a 0% favorability rating on review website RottenTomatoes.com.

That is hilarious. Just checked and it is still zero. Too bad they do not have negative ratings.

Any one up for a double feature, Battlefield Earth and FIFA?

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Sepp Blatter would have attended the women's World Cup to observe and decide on compulsory FIFA tight shorts for the women players. Perhaps even cleavage revealing T-shirts. Now that he is leaving office & afraid to get arrested on-transit in LA to Canada, who's going to do this arduous task?

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And the film has the rare honor of earning a 0% favorability rating on review website RottenTomatoes.com.

LOL. Take that Sepp. Who, obviously, did not attend the LA premiere, for fear of being arrested. Nor, do I believe he is in attendance at the women's World Cup in Canada for the same reason.

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Yes, he is! From Wikipedia:

"Roth has said that he asked the filmmakers: "Where's all the corruption in the script? Where is all the back-stabbing, the deals?" He said he attempted to convey these elements through his performance, saying: "It was a tough one. I tried to slide in a sense of it, as much as I could get in there.""

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Tim Roth is such an awesome actor, and the rapping he's going to take for portraying Sepp Blatter ...

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