Beatles music producer George Martin dies at 90: Ringo Starr


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Very cool, very smart and visionary.

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A class act. He added something extra to something already incredible with the Beatles.

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Thx George san for all your influence on the Beatles & SO SO much more!!

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Martin also composed scores for the Beatles films “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Yellow Submarine”.

"The Magical Mystery Tour" was a flopper. But thanks for all of the the early Beatles classics.

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No way! The later Beatles stuff was the best (with the exception of "Twist and Shout") The early stuff is pretty tedious to listen to, IMO. RIP George.

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This man is the reason Led Zeppelin knocked The Beatles down on the charts and ursurped The Fab 4 as kings of the airwaves. People wanted raw, passionate music, not multi-layered, post-production tunes embossed with strings, horns, assorted sound effects. John actually despised all those bells and whistles and was one of the reasons The Beatles broke up. People went to Beatles concerts just to see them. People went to Zeppelin concerts to HEAR them. The people were ready to listen.

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I spot a Led Zeppelin fan :) Stairway to Heaven is a classic, but that's about the only song of theirs I know, I guess it's the same for a lot of people. Not in the same league as the Beatles I'm afraid - one of a number of good bands from that era, but the Beatles really stand in a league of their own.

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Led Who?

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The Beatles were world changers, both musically and culturally. Mr. Martin had a lot to do with the musical part.

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Martin was the producer and main recording engineer on most of the Beatles' albums, including the three considered that group's artistic zenith: Rubber Soul, Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. When Martin did with Sgt. Pepper set the standard for creative multitrack recording that changed the way albums were recorded, in my humble opinion.

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the man came up from humble blue collar beginnings & through hard work , talent & a bit of serendipity (J.P.G&.R.) changed the tune forever in our favor! R.I.P. Sir George.

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A great man. The world is that much less wonderful without him.

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