Film aims to change the narrative around singer Billie Holiday's life

By Rollo Ross

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Her story is already well known, from her rape as a child in Baltimore to her meeting the fan who wrote Strange Fruit to her work with Mal Waldron and others. She was not at all political in the way that other jazz musicians like Monk or Mingus were, let alone players like Gil Scott Heron. Johann Hari was fired by the Independent after confessing to plagiarism and using a pseudonym to attack his critics.

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"Change the narrative" is doublespeak meaning Change history.

Leftists will now turn any figure from the past into a reimagined SJW.

Its more palatable for them.

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I share expat's concerns about this. "The United States vs. Billie Holiday" makes her sound like Malcolm X.

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I don’t know about most people’s perception of Lady Day but mine is of a brilliant jazz singer who was addicted to heroin and was ‘political’ in that she protested against the killing of black people (what a concept; to be against murder).

If you listen to her catalog from beginning to end, it is a very sad progression as her voice gets more gravelly, her pronunciation more slurred as she succumbs to her addiction. Her rendition of Strange Fruit is equally heartbreaking.

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Authenticity of sound’ in these films is the focus by most other media.(Today is ‘Hulu Day’; must promote their film).

Instead, go watch Viola Davis’s “*Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” “*On NetFlix!”. The music is by the master, Branford Marsalis and the film features the final performance by ‘late’ Chadwick Boseman.

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