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Film director Shindo dead at 100


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A true artist! From what I've heard, "Naked Island" (a real chef d'oeuvre) was banned in Japan because of the "bad effect" it might have on tourism here if the world saw how this family lives on a small island, where even water is precious. They didn't realize it could, and would not only be shown in other countries but that it would also win the "Grand Prix" in Moscow.

Rest in peace Shino-san. Your films have very special memories for me.

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Onibaba is one of the greatest movies ever made. He was an extraordinary film maker.

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Agree with beowulf. Onibaba not just one of tbe greatest Japanese films, it's one of the greatest films made anywhere. RIP

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Yes Onibaba is a great movie, too bad he died at such a young age. RIP

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RIP, Thank you.

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