Film special effects legend Ray Harryhausen dies at 92


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Grew up seeing his work and loved the Sinbad movies. Great stuff sir. Another great has moved on.

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I've just been watching his movies during Golden Week and the DVDs had special interviews with him. Farewell Ray. Thanks for the memories.

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One of the most important fantasy movie pioneers. A visionary and gifted storyteller who thoroughly entertained millions of awe-struck youngsters - including me - over the years. Thanks a bunch.

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Had never heard of the until now, though of course I know most of his works. Good old stop motion. In any case, sounds like he led a pretty good life. RIP.

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There's a documentary on Youtube about him.

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-thankfully skeletons cannot swim.

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I hope that many of todays aspiring artist will tune into what this film great has accomplished & follow his lead!

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