Filming begins on first Marvel superhero flick with black lead actor


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WRONG. The black half-vampire vampire hunter superhero Blade played by Wesley Snipes from the film "Blade" (1998) and it's two sequels is a MARVEL character.

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Yep, and let's not forget Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix.

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Hollyweird is dead. And now sold out to the propaganda arm of China.

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There is also the Falcon, who appeared in both Captain America Winter Soldier & Civil War, as well as Ant Man. Perhaps it is also worth noting that Colonel Nick Fury, commander of SHIELD, and thus the Avengers, is played by Samuel Jackson.

Just a couple of minor details...

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can u guys read? it said "in the titular role." .......

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Deep FOrest is exactly right and AFP has dropped down another rung into journalistic mediocrity.

Oh sure, the others have noted Falcon and Luke Cage, but they are not the titular characters in a "flick", which we will interpret as a full length feature movie. The writer of the article is a loser because he easily could have checked with any comic book guy or probably Star Trek fan or action movie fan and could have gotten the CORRECT answer. The author instead decided to wing it and commit an error by making a claim.

Most unfortunately, the writer hints at the bigger problem. Blade did not bomb. And if fact, it attracted so many audiences as an action film and horror film that it did really well and had sequels, etc. I think that Black Panther is going to be pretty challenged in that department. Ant Man was pretty weakly supported, but it had Paul Rudd and some humor and fun.

Black Panther has always been pretty dark and serious, and challenged in the accent/snappy patter department. I don't see a lot of crossover here into ANY other genre. And people are getting a little tired of the superhero movie QUA superhero movie schtick.

So this might be "the first Marvel movie with a black titular character" to bomb horribly.

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So Wesley Snipes wasn't the lead role in the Blade Trilogy?

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This won't bomb. I hear soooooooooooo much support for this film. And I am not talking about the black fanboys and family but tons of folks who are intrigued by the character. EVERYONE into Marvel is talking/blogging about it! It is part of the whole Avengers storyline involving several other Marvel characters. And with a stud actor and action not some corny nerd like Paul Rudd, which is the main reason I didn't watch Ant Man.

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Really looking forward to this. Black Panther had a great introduction in the Civil War movie!

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and don't forget Blacula

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Chadwick Boseman more than held his own in civil war and I hope his and the movies success sparks many films

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Black Panther is an awesome character that has so much potential in movie form if done correctly.

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Boseman appeared as Marvel’s first African superhero.

What is the name of his African country?

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Wesley Snipes is definitely black.

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