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Filmmakers look to Twitter, Facebook for stars


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Twitter and Facebook is really a great place to advertise , find people online etc.

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Good news, producers: I am available and entertaining any and all offers.

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Z-List films, but stars could come out of the junk, never know?

But using Facebook and Twitter to find actors by how many followers they have, which to me seems kind of a dumb reason, followers doesn't always mean talent.

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Face-book and Twitter is place where most of people participate. Famous celebrity share their view on Social media. Hoffman already had 200,000 followers on Face-book.

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Commodore Shmidlap , I worked in the business in my 20s, its not all that great. They use you, chew you up and spit you out.

I did modeling, TV, movies and commercials, it gets tyring chasing after your next paycheck, the rejection and thd disapointment. You need a thick skin and money to keep you going between shoots, a backup support system, a good agent and the more people rooting for you than you have friends snd family relations.

Its dig eat dog!

I got out, flew back to Ohio and went back to work in telecommunication and cellular.

Would I do it now? Yes, but only because I have a steady check coming in.

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But using Facebook and Twitter to find actors by how many followers they have, which to me seems kind of a dumb >reason, followers doesn't always mean talent.

Very little in these sorts of films has anything to do with "talent". It's entirely about marketing. Telling your star with 500,000 Twitter followers "Hey, make a Twitter post about the new movie you are in." is a far better marketing method than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at some advertising company. Those fans will spend money, regardless of whether the actor in question is objectively talented or not.

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