Filmmakers say TV's rise welcome, not a threat


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They're a little late. The golden age is over. Deadwood, The Wire, Breaking Bad, True Detective (1) and Mad Men are finished. Nothing much on the horizon these days. They can go back to making underwhelming cinema.

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Are people still watching TV?

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Are people still watching TV?

Headline is a bit misleading. TV as a medium is dying, as free-to-air is utter you-know-what (and that's universal). That said, the series' coming out of the studios (mainly from the US) are most definitely golden-age. Sopranos cost $1m / episode, Breaking Bad cost $3m, now Game of Thrones costs a whopping $10m an episode! The quality reflects that. They're all amazing stories.

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Good. These are the people that will be successful in the field. Those who try to fight it, as usual, will be left behind.

sighclops: " TV as a medium is dying"

Only if you think of it as the tube in the living room with regular scheduled and broadcast programs. I think "the traditional idea of TV" is in its final throes, for sure, but 'television' is only growing. The movie industry is also changing, and we're seeing more and more 'tv-style', serialized 'movies' coming into play, and less and less movie-goers on the whole. It will always hold a special place, though, because people DO like to get out and essentially forget their surroundings for a couple of hours.

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But TV is a threat to several facets of the movie making industry. But of course the main threat is just the garbage that has been oddly dubbed "cinema" recently.

One of the last movies I went to see was The Hobbit in 2012. I think I have my fill of brainless, contrived, impossible, ridiculous chase/battle scenes to last me a damned lifetime.

I remember movies that used to gnaw at me a bit because it was necessary I remember something to understand what had just happened. I really miss having to use my brain as I watch a movie, and I mean use it in a positive way. These days I watch a movie and my brain is screaming about inconsistencies in movies or even things that are just plain scientifically inaccurate or impossible in a movie that is not even really in a fantasy setting. Hollywood has managed to make the believably fantastic humdrum. It was a really stupid move.

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You certainly need high quality TV program if you want to sell higher and higher resolution TV and deliver expected entertainment. In Japan, for the moment, who want to buy a 4K TV to watch the current TV program....better watch this on your mobile phone and that is exactly what Japanese are doing...hence the Zombie like people walking on the street.

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who want to buy a 4K TV to watch the current TV program....better watch this on your mobile phone and that is exactly what Japanese are doing

The media is behind on the 4K programming, but the TV's are cheap ($500+ =which surprised me when I looked). More 4K programming/media is needed and of course their would be the increased bandwidth (data need) to support this higher resolution.

People need to understand that Japan is just starting to get Netflix whereas in the US people are throwing away the cable box and going Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and expect programming to be on demand. How many people in Japan are already using Netflix or Hulu? -must be enough that they cannot no longer deny the existence and must adapt to the new infrastructure.

Just like what happened to the cellphone (apps) is happening to TV right now.

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the TV's are cheap ($500+ =which surprised me when I looked)

I don't know about the smaller sizes, but when you get up to the larger sizes, 4K TVs are over double the price of a 2K TV at the same size.

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Anyway, TV has sucked for a long time. I guess there are two kinds of people, those who can sit in front of the box and let their minds go numb, and those that need something more, like something other than a 5 minute car chase. I know TV has been so dumbed down and I'm kinda shocked that people still get into these stories. There is SOOO MUCH BLAh BLAH BLAH useless dialog to stories these days. Take LOST and the Walking Dead for two examples. I can't sit through a show without wanting to hit the fast forward button, so thats why I record it first. Well, it all started with Family Ties, IMO, when I realized the most humans are too dumb to realize how insulting this show is, and how it degrades our potential as a open and free culture. You see, those GREAT MINDS in Hollywood don't give a crap about having a better society.....HEY!! JUST KEEP THEM ENTERTAINED!!!!!!!!

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Totally agree.... recent TV has been great. West Wing, The Wire, Downton Abbey, House of Cards, and on.

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"a boom inhigh-quality television"

I can't wait for that boom to hit Japan!

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Linear TV is slowing dying a dead, but catch up services are very popular. A lot of films (movies) are boring and lack depth. Increasingly TV is catching up in terms of quality and originality.

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