Final 'Hunger Games' film to be split in two parts


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A lot of people are saying this is a rip-off of Battle Royale, which itself was inspired by Stephen King's "The Long Walk" and "The Running Man."

But then again I heard that it's an anti-government metaphor for increasingly intrusive and oppressive governments.

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This "let's make a finale 2 parts ... one year apart" bs needs to end. Mockingjay was like 250 pages long..... It's a pathetic grab for more money.

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they have no shame? the first one was not terrible enough? I'd be glad if it was half as interesting as Battle Royale, but it wasn't. Waste of money & time. IMO, it's just a big-budgeted B-movie.

@gaijinfo: Takami Koushun, the author, might be influenced by S. King's works, but BR is very original in many ways, with much more development & depth in the story. Hunger Games, on other hand, is blatantly rip-off.

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I like Hunger Games, though the first book was the best by far. I don't think it's a Battle Royale ripoff, because Battle Royale wasn't the first to do the "make people kill each other for rich/privileged people's entertainment" either, and Hunger Games has an amazing female protagonist, so I'm not complaining about these films' popularity.

But splitting the last one into two parts? The book isn't even that long... what is the rationale on splitting it, other than the elephant in the room - make more money?

SPEAKING of which, when will Hunger Games come out in Japan? It's done phenomenally well in the West, it absolutely kicked butt at the box office. Yet in Japan, nobody has even heard of Hunger Games. wtf.

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Have you watched it? I was bored to death at the theatre. Whether the novel is a rip-off or not, I don't really care that much. But at least with that big budget they should have made an amazing action-packed movie, not a cheap cheesy teen flick. I like the heroine too, she's cute, but that's all. A total failure as a big screen movie.

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April 28, 2012 is the Japanese release date. Woohoo...only 2.5 more months!

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battle royale was a ripoff of "Lord of the Flies" and "The Most Dangerous Game", albeit not a very good one. Too much uneeded gore and sex in a book featuring middle schoolers. Didn't think hunger games was too amazing either. Seemed poorly written, actually.

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so, "the final movie" is.. two movies. it's not the final movie then. what a stupid way for them to say it. How about, "two more installments in the series"?

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Would be nice if they even released the FIRST part here.

The whole 'two-movie' finale is in part due to popularity going back from the silver screen to the TV at home. They're trying to stretch things out as much as they can in the former, as well as for money, of course.

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