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'Five Easy Pieces' star Karen Black dead at 74


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I recognize the face, but not in any major roles (though I did see Easy Rider a long time ago). I seem to recall her more in cameos or single episodes of TV shows.

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Trilogy of Terror! I heard that one of those stories inspired the Gremlins movie.

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The first thing that comes to mind when I hear of Karen Black is Burnt Offerings. A creepy movie!

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She was in a shop in Florida. I was in the queue behind her.

When it was her turn, the girl behind the counter stared in amazement and said, "You're Karen Black, aren't you?"

She just smiled and said, cooly, "You know, everybody says that!"

The girl behind the counter assumed that she was a KB lookalike. But she hadn't actually said that she wasn't KB, had she?

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Rip Karen Black it was always good to see you.

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A sad ending made even more so by the lack of support on the part of Hollywood in her time of need. A very talented & enjoyable Actress, R.I.P. JimmyDean, ,Jimmy Dean!

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I remembered her in the movie Airport

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She was great (singing too) as Connie White in Robert Altman's Nashville. And also as the wife of Oliver Reed in one of the creepiest movies of all time Burnt Offerings.


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