Bowie documentary blasts off at Cannes film fest

By Philippe Grelard, Jurgen Hecker and Eric Randolph

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Finally a movie this year worth watching. This and Top Gun.

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Very much looking forward to watching this.

For amusement search YT for

David Bowie mimics Mick Jagger

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LamillyMay 26  12:35 pm JST

DB such a great and original artist. Imaginative, innovative, true talent. Can't wait to see the movie

When DB passed away, I thought it was an Anonymous prank. Two weeks before Motorhead, the band that invented thrash split immediately upon the death of Lemmy. The very next day by DB's will, a video was released and its finality was so saddening, I don't want to ever watch it again. A huge titan of rock had passed. And a few months later Prince died. 2016 was a very sad and ugly year for rock'n'roll, and other things.

I'd love to catch this flick. I was only about 7 years old during the Ziggy Stardust era but it's so intriguing. Pop music at home wasn't fun but DB was rock'n'roll future, ahead of and paving the way for better music and culture anyway. Him and Roxy Music, that is.

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