Floyd’s death hastens shift in police pop culture portrayals


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Most cops are good cops, like the societies they reflect...

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So this article just names off a bunch of cop shows and the mindset of their principal characters. Who's teaching these "journalists" to write these days? What a crummy article.

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Most cops are good cops, like the societies they reflect

While I cannot agree with the society part. What I can say is that most people know that most cops are good. That isn't the problem. The issue is the system. While most cops may be good, the reason the bad apples spoil the bunch is because of the brotherhood system. This is just a simple way of placing it. However, even good cops will defend a bad apple and not lift a hand to stop a bad apple because you want to stand by your family. Its the same reason why when that bad cop pushed down the old man, there was one cop that wanted to help but he was stopped by the bad apple and everyone else fell in line. Because of the system.

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lets balance it up a bit here, don't forget "shaft" he was a no nonsense cop.

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Not great article.  What about Colombo?  Kojak?  Miami Vice?

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Ice-T's Cop Killer has been around for a while. We not talking about that pop culture?

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KaerimashitaJune 15  03:23 pm JST

Not great article. What about Colombo? Kojak? Miami Vice?

Yes, MIAMI VICE. I love that show. A nice pair - white cop, black cop. One of the best. And then we had 'Barney Miller' with Black American actor Ron Glass and Japanese-American actor Jack Soos. Groundbreaking.

Simon and Simon had black actor Terry Reid in it. There were others as well.

In the late 70s there was the deservedly one season 'Holmes and Yo-Yo'. That was turgid racist trash.

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The Sweeney. “Get your trousers on son, you’re nicked”.

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