Arashi stepping out of celebrity storm to seek new life


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These guys probably need a break from being a public figure in Japan. It must be exhausting. If they blink their "owners" might lose a 1/100th of a yen and the public might lose interest forever.

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Pretty boy hacks marketed by an industry

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They get more than marketed. Look at what happened to the AK-something girls. She was attacked and had to apologize for it !!

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Ono-kun and Kana Nishino, good luck.

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Pretty boy hacks marketed by an industry

Yeah... I'm jealous of them, too.

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You can make fun, you can say anything you want about Arashi, but in 2006 I stopped laughing, my father died and I was heading for a serious depression. One day I was on Youtube looking up a Japanese singer that was in a drama that a friend sent me to cheer me up, singers groups name AAA, I put in AAA and Arashi kept coming up, so I clicked on it after seeing all those videos and watched 5 boys as they did the most stupid things...but I laughed, and I watched more videos and I laughed some more.

Arashi makes me happy, it's as simple as that, I will miss them very much but I want them to be happy too. I will love Arashi forever! And before anyone thinks "stupid kids"...I'm 60 years old and I live in Pennsylvania in the US.

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