Folk musician Peter Tork of Monkees fame dies at 77

By John Rogers

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Fond memories. The Monkees got all kinds of stick, but they made me smile.

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sad news RIP

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He struggled to regain a music career in the decades that followed, briefly serving time for marijuana possession, working as a teacher and a waiter, and struggling with alcoholism before overcoming the addiction in the 1980s.

dumb ass law

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RIP Peter, and thanks for some great music and teenage memories.

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The Monkees were not "made for television".  They were icons of the 60's.  I loved them when I was a kid.

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The Monkees were not "made for television".

Well, they were "made for television", like the article says, but I wouldn't worry about that. They transcended their beginnings and did truly become icons of the 60s, as you say. The three Number 1s mentioned in the article plus Pleasant Valley Sunday and Alternate Title (Randy Scouse Git), all great pop songs, would justify that. And of course the TV series, and Head.

Even my old man liked them, and he was, like, really square, man.

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