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For filmmakers, ‘Oppenheimer’s’ $900 mil-plus haul is an important moment for Hollywood and theaters


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“It’s a three-hour movie about people talking about nuclear physics.”

The physics I can handle.... but three hours?!?? You have got to be joking. It's a hard no from me.

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Chris Nolan always delivers. he is probably the premium director in the world today for cerebral movies. He remains the creator of the superhero genres best ever works and Warner Bros/DC were fools to let him step down from the DCEU. It's great that after the woke, childish nonsense that was Barbie fed the popcorn-munching movie goers that those who enjoy something about more substantial were rewarded with such a great piece of cinema.

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Elvis is here

“It’s a three-hour movie about people talking about nuclear physics.”

The physics I can handle.... but three hours?!?? You have got to be joking. It's a hard no from me.

I'm a Boomer and hence, don't have issues focusing. It was a great movie that didn't feel like 3 hours.

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“The reason we’re still in those theaters is because the audience is demanding it,” Thomas said. “This is not something that we can impose — I wish we could, but it’s genuine.”

Not in Japan because of the politics unfortunately.

Probably forcing many to go the ye olde bucaneering route in this case.

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If you can focus to the end of the book, the movie is a piece of cake.

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Can't seem to find this playing anywere near me here in Japan. Is it playing anywhere on these islands?

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Is the reason it’s not playing in Japan:

1) too sensitive an issue yet for a country that was the victim of Oppenheimer’s creation?


2) would not be a box-office success here - mainly for reasons related to #1 above?

In either case, that does not make Japan’s position on the film look very good. I’m in full awareness over the horror of the bombs. But the fact, as I understand it, is there was a race among nations to develop the bomb. Japan was in that race as well, but was too slow and non-committal. This is a movie about the person who made that historically terrible achievement. One should be able to view that objectively.

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Well, here's a thing, in all my short life (I am 23) I have only ever watched a half of an American film, The Equaliser, and have never seen any of their TV series. The film I watched was very boring and based on violence, but as for this film, erm... no thanks, watching something for 3 hours sounds like hell. ...ps. I always watch K. Drama's and some Japanese films/ TV series, but usually the ones with women in the leading roles. I am not a great fan of men, any of them.

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Kishida runs around the world talking about democracy, freedom and other vague (for him) concepts like a looped tape recorder

I can find many reasons for the Japanese to censor the film here and not many of those have anything to do with the last world war

It’s not reassuring to be in Japan

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Japan was in that race as well, but was too slow and non-committal.

Story of Japan.

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I'm getting too old for a 3-hr movie in the theater; I'd have to go water the flowers at least once, and I don't sit down that long anymore either.

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A three-hour running time isn’t a problem if a film is well-made and has an interesting story to tell. An Elephant Sitting Still wasn’t a problem for me, and Oppenheimer probably won’t be.

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After an early screening, “ Dune” filmmaker Denis Villeneuve said he knew he’d just seen “a masterpiece.” He even remembered saying that it would be a big success.

“But where it is right now has blown the roof off of my projection,” Villeneuve told The Associated Press. “It’s a three-hour movie about people talking about nuclear physics.”

“When you make a film, you hope that you’re going to connect with an audience in some form or another,” “Oppenheimer” producer Emma Thomas told the AP. “But, particularly with a three-hour film that has a serious subject and is challenging in many ways, this sort of success is beyond our wildest imaginings.”

“When a filmmaker as strong as Chris is pointing a finger at you and telling you where to go…you listen…and audiences have been rewarded for it,” filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson wrote in an email. “I know some film buffs who drove from El Paso to Dallas to see the film properly. That’s about 18 hours round trip.”

Theaters rallied around “Oppenheimer” from the beginning. The historic TCL Chinese Theatre even brought a film projector back into operation and built a custom booth. It was an effort that was richly rewarded: “Oppenheimer” is the highest grossing film in its 97-year history with $2.3 million and counting, passing the previous record holder, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which grossed $1.5 million in 15 weeks, after just four.

The highest grossing theater overall, though, is AMC Lincoln Square, where every IMAX 70mm showing was sold out for over four weeks. Both locations are among the 10 that will continue to present the film in IMAX 70mm in its 10th weekend.

It’s a masterpiece… and I didn’t even see it (still waiting for the Japanese release date)…; you know you’re doing something right when people don’t even need to watch your stuff to decide if it’s good or not.

And three hours(?)… let me tell you something: I wish it was four. (No, seriously.) … (it can be a challenge, yes, but the movie’s running time shouldn’t be an issue for people who love cinema)… :)

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Long movies are nothing new. Kurosawa and de Mille's films, among many others, were 3hrs or more. It's when films are unnecessarily long that's the recent issue. I've heard both sides about Oppenheimer. Some say a good 20min could've been shaved off, others say it was necessary to tell the whole story.

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Good movie but far from masterpiece.

From American point of view, yes because it is totally oriented towards the USA (again).

There is 1 hour of political drama about Oppenheimer and the witch hunt he underwent. Too much.

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To those that have seen it, is this something I can watch when it come to Netflix or is the big screen better?

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I would just like to view “Oppenheimer” either in Kochi, or Nagoya and make up my own mind.

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Yeah the lesson should have been that if you tell the history without messing with it too much to conform to certain agendas, people might watch it.

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Haven't seen it yet but I'm assuming there is minimal wokeness in the movie?

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Haven't seen it yet but I'm assuming there is minimal wokeness in the movie?

By the rule of "Go woke go broke", this movie is more woke than Barbie.

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By the rule of "Go woke go broke", this movie is more woke than Barbie.

Haven't seen either.

I'll buy some popcorn at each when I go to watch. But no Bud Light.

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shame it hasn't been released in Japan, it isn't glorifying the bomb dropping in any way, but understandable I suppose. It was a great watch, 3 hours was fine.

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Nothing woke in my opinion. No gay no superwomen no black white face no nuclear shame, rather history and action. Even too much explicit sex for a movie about nukes (typical Hollywood movie for no reason to put Oppenheimer as sex nuke himself!)

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