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For Matt Damon, Jason Bourne has been a lifeblood


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M a t t........ D a m o n.

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But Damon’s and Greengrass’ motivation in returning, they say, ultimately grew out of satisfying fans of the kinetic, mysterious “Bourne” films.

And Hollywood's disease of creative amnesia and the remake virus. I do like the Bourne films though.

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You can't have a successful Bourne film without Matt Damon acting as Jason. I tried watching the Bourne Legacy but the excitement and entertainment just wasn't there.

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lifeblood = cash cow

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If you're into reading, Ludlum's "Bourne" series are an excellent read, as are his other books. Why not try "devouring" a Bourne novel ...

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I like how Hollywood just tries to cover up the bombs it made as sequels. Whatever happened to "Legacy"?

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I like how Hollywood just tries to cover up the bombs it made as sequels. Whatever happened to "Legacy"?

They tell you in the article.

“The Bourne Legacy,” in 2012, starred Jeremy Renner as another secret agent. That film grossed less than the three previous “Bourne” movies, thus proving the value of both Damon and Greengrass to the franchise.

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More so than any other movie series, I just absolutely love the Jason Bourne movies. Cannot wait to see this in theaters!

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They need to give Black Damon a chance: http://giantgag.net/black-matt-damon-nice-try/

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Like most of his Hollywood compatriots, Damon is not able to meet even the minimum requirement of acting - making the audience suspend its collective disbelief.

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Although curious as to the regimen Matt used to beef up..(one always wonders if they ate what a body builder eats..seven meals a day, that they'd also get fat along with muscle) I have to say I'd rather see an Oceans film than Bourne film. Heck, the movies I like watching now are directed by Jon Torturro and Tommy Lee Jones and Spike Jonze. I like what Affleck directs. Iñáritu's films. (2 n's?) Look up Bum Rap - A Noir Fantasy.

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I'm pleased that Matt Dillion will be in the next one. His career could do with a boost. He was brilliant in "There's something about Jane"

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Damon is perfect in this role. It seems he is consciously trying to avoid being type caste as Jason Bourne. But unless he does ten movies as the next Captain Kirk that's not likely to happen.

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