For theaters, rise of streaming is 'threat' they've seen before


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Going to a cinema and watching a movie in cinematic widescreen with superb audio always delight, and no other medium has come even close. The movie makers ought to be more chummy with cinema operators rather than eek out every cents possible by selling blurays and merchandize etc.

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@Sh1mon M4sada

I can agree with you on that. The cinematic experience is amazing. However, there has also been an increasing amount of let downs with rising ticket prices.

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Cinema prices are an issue here but our local cinema in Kyoto has some special deals. My better half and I are now both over 50 and as a couple we get in for half price, which has prompted us to go much more. There is still a market for cinema, as the other posters have said you can't beat the cinema experience.

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Blockbuster and Tsutaya didn't pose any threat to the cinema. Neither will Netflix or other steaming services. The two (at home or the theater) are two totally different experiences.

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Movie selection and prices are also factors. Japan needs to stop bringing in only the "famous" movies, and also bring in the lesser known "good" movies.

We can easily see unlimited Marvel or Star Wars movies in Japan. But what about the not so famous films? The only way I can see some is to import the blu ray from the states. Or torrents.........

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