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'Force Awakens' pulls in record $57 mil on opening night


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I won't watch it !!

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The movie costed $200 Millions to make but they spent on additional $400 Millions in marketing, look it up.

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Friends already seen it, and they'll see it again, despite everything's sold out.

It'll be at half a billion dollars by weekend's end.

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I loved it.

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The Walt Disney Co.‘s estimate on Friday easily surpassed the previous Thursday night record of $43.5 million

That's all fine and dandy, yeah & a great movie. But in LA, Disney screwed over Q. Tarentino out his local promotion which was featured at the same time.

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But in LA, Disney screwed over Q. Tarentino out his local promotion which was featured at the same time.

You're talking about Tarantino's rant on Stern about how Disney had a four-week agreement to show "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" with a theater Tarantino wanted to use for HIS movie in two weeks? Tarantino is just throwing a tantrum. It's normal these days for production companies releasing blockbusters to lock up multi-week agreements with ALL the theater companies. Tarantino wasn't specifically being targeted.

From The New York Times:

The Tarantino tantrum may have been sparked because the feisty director wasn’t told until the last moment that Disney had a longstanding agreement with the theater and that advance tickets have been on sale for some time, other sources said.

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Everyone's going Star Wars crazy here in California right now. On the last day of school, my 4th grade son's teacher was late into class (unheard of for him this year). Suddenly he burst through the door in full jedi gear with a light saber and a dark lord accomplice (aka substitute teacher) and they battled it out in front of 35 9-10 year olds screaming their support! Needless to say his teacher won, and 35 kids will one day go onto high school and beyond with memories of the coolest 4th grade teacher ever. Wonderful guy!

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