Ford not 'yet' ready to talk 'Star Wars' sequels


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Typical Harrison Ford response --> always the cool guy!

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Star wars: geriatrics in space. Hamill, Fisher and Ford will be wielding Zimmer-frames not light-sabers in this instalment.

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If Harrison Ford is smart, he'll stay FAR FAR AWAY from JJ Abrams...

JJ Abrams makes acceptable TV Shows, but he totally gaffed The Star Trek Movie Franchise by ruining Gene Rodenberry's Story Line that was already set in stone during TOS with some rediculious "Alternate Universe" Storyline and now he's setting his "Destructive Fire Power" on Star Wars.

But mostly, George Lucas was "More Foolish Than The Fools That Follow Him" to allowing Disney "Jedi Mind Trick" him into selling one of THE MOST Fantastic Movie Franchises in Modern History.

Like Trek, this is sad for Star Wars and BTW: JJ ain't no Steven Spielberg either...he's still a Padawan Learner ;)

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J.J. Abrams is a very good director. I couldn't imagine going to a theater to watch another Star Trek movie, but I would watch one of his on the big screen. J.J. basically saved Star Trek. With the exception of the Wrath of Kahn, the Star Trek movies have basically been made for TV movies.

J.J. is really being groomed to be the new Spielberg/Lucas who are both getting old-ish. Spielberg is great, but his movies almost always seem to have a heavy handed liberal agenda. Lucas seems to have slipped into the pandering to children business, so his movies tend to be geared to the 12 year old audiences. Spielberg is the same, but he also puts out serious movies to address his liberal agenda. I am mostly ok with that, but I feel manipulated some, which I suppose was the point. As an example, Saving Private Ryan is really about saving the next soldier to go to a battlefield, not the Ryan character in the movie. He did this by showing the atrocities of war.

Ford is always a cool guy. I like the article and his responses.

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