France's king of rock Johnny Hallyday dies at 74


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While he was never taken seriously abroad

Yeah, I'm pretty sure nobody here knows who he is.

And a lot of people in France also never took him seriously.

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Adieu, Johnny et merci pour la musique.

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"He left us tonight as he lived his whole life, with courage and dignity."

Johnny Halliday. "Retiens la nuit"


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Just becaue YOU have never heard of him, doesn't mean nobody else has... That's rather a gratuitous sweeping statement...

Adieu Johnny - part of my youth has disappeared.

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married five times, twice to the same woman, the daughter of one of his oldest friends

Damn man, lol


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Johnny Bravo?

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Good on him for being the French #1 Rock star! What an achievement.

Doesn't matter if he wasn't know elsewhere around the non-French speaking World. He was simply Successful at what he did, and people enjoyed what he offered - there's not that many who can claim the same.

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I knew him more for his acting. Always entertaining.

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