France hits out at 'Black Panther' over depiction of its army


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Triggered by fiction,it must be reality

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Truth hurts

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Perhaps the relatives of the 58 soldiers who died fighting to help another country against jihadists should sue the film company for traducing their memory.

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Paris' defense minister on Sunday condemned the latest installment of Marvel's Black Panther franchise, which depicts French troops caught trying to steal resources belonging to the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda.

So, France is actively looking for "Vibranium" and have been embarrassed by the fictional footage of French troops being bested by women warriors from Wakanda. It must be close to home, but it is still just a made up movie.

I suggest the French minister spend more time in reality, rather than the Marvel universe.

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I think Mr. Minister needs to do the traditional French action: Retreat.

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The french have a lot to answer for about their brutal history in/ on Africa.

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I went to France and felt I was in Africa, I guess it's fair.

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My sympathies are with France. Fighting Islamic extremism is serious business, was Disney perhaps scared of offending any militaries closer to home and perhaps having to deal with boycotts?

Seems like France is an easy target, not offending your home market and not risking the kind of angry reactions that (for example) North Korea can have.

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If the scene belongs to a movie whic

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If the scene belongs to a movie that depicts a real world I can somehow understand. However, it is a movie of the MCU. It has advanced combat armors which allows the user to fly and has superhuman strength. flying aircraft carriers, countless living creatures from space, a witch with super powers, more than one parallel universes etc.

I wonder when Thanos will show up and demands the infinite stones.

Does the word fiction exist in French?

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