Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, star of 'Breathless,' dies at 88


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As a Euro-kid born in 1970 Belmondo movies were both in cinemas and a staple of prime-time TV. Belmondo was not only at home on French, but also (for as much as I could see) Belgian, German, Italian and Spanish TV.

It was the golden era of European co-productions with often France providing the actors, Germany the money, Italy/Spain the backdrops and landscapes and cinema-goers from all over Europe escaping into adventurous romps with the international casts.

Belmondo's filmography had something for everybody: The Man from Rio and The Brain for the whole family and the kids, teenagers and young adults had his action-flicks, adult and more demanding spectators had brooding movies like Leon Morin Priest, Week-end at Dunkirk, while cinema buffs had Breathless, Crazy Pete.

He was most known for the insane stunts he performed all by himself.

Incidentally, in Japan last year a selection of his movies did come out again.


With 3 friends we intended to see several of his movies but it ended up in the midst of the pandemic's 3rd wave and it ended up being me and one friend only seeing Cartouche. Seeing Cartouche on the big screen make pure magic.

In Japan Belmondo seem to be quite known amongst 40-50s age range. Not sure if it was thanks to his movies coming in theaters in Japan, being on TV or available in Video rental-shops. It is often said that without his movie persona, Japan may well never have had Manga and Anime's Lupin III mad capers or Space Cobra's main character.

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RIP. He gave some unforgettable performances.

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RIP to one of the best ever actor of the world! His contribution to the cinema is simply amazing and yed Cobra manga is definitely Belmondo!

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About as cool as you can get. RIP.


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My favourite Belmondo movie would have to be Borsalino. Delon is in that too, and the two were a great double act - Delon the classically handsome leading man, Belmondo the rough mug character, both with charisma to burn. That was a great generation of French actors, and JPB was up there with the best of them.

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Call to the moderators; what about a poll on voters' fave Belmondo? Let's bring a smile to people's faces for a change!

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man legend.

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I can't remember a movie with him that was a flop or uninteresting. You felt with his films that he was really acting and giving it his all. And his stunt scenes were absolutely perfect for their time and execution.

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Great actor, sad, very sad. A larger than life legend. RIP

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