From heartthrob to Hollywood heavyweight, DiCaprio is Oscar-bound


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but..but...but....he's white

The movie looks interesting but I'm still chuckling over his zany excellent job in the Wolf of Wall Street.

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The more he tries, the less I think he should get the award. I'd rather see it go to someone who's least expecting it and who's acting for the love of it and not just to get the award.

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He has to beat Brian Cranston, Matt Damon and Eddie Redmayne, not an easy task but I hope he will. His oscar is long overdue.

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Why is an award "overdue" to someone? Shouldn't you win on the merit of your last performance? Scorsese was robbed several times and he ended up getting one for one of his most mundane efforts.

Dicaprio is still a poor overactor who looks and sounds like a 16 year old who's voice is breaking no matter what adult role he takes.

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Poor Leonardo. If only Steve Harvey will host...

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Good luck Leo! He's a great actor.

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Since Gangs Of New York, I liked every one of his performances even in non-Oscar Worthy performances.

For those who have seen all or most of the Best Picture nominees, Is Revenant your choice for Best Picture and Leo for actor? I have yet to see it. I gotta catch up.

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he better win since a white actor isn't going to win in a while after this year

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The Revenant

One of the most boring movies of the year. Very hard to keep watching.

I did love him in the Wall Street flick though.

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From heartthrob to Hollywood heavyweight, DiCaprio is Oscar-bound

Di Caprio was really big in Japan after Titanic, even doing TV commercials. I think Di Caprio was amazing in, "The Departed."

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Didn't like him in Titanic, but he has been in some good flicks. I liked him in Blood Diamond, The Departed, Shutter Island... hoping to see The Revenant but my wife thinks it's probably a little scary for her... might have to venture to the cinema alone.

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When they present him with the Oscar, I hope he raises both hands in the air and bellows out, "I am king of the world" !

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Next Onion article: White Actor to receive finally receive Oscar.

Seriously though, he's better than the wags suggest, even if I wanted someone to push him overboard as he said: "I'm the King of the World!"

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It's been pointed out that what killed his character in Titanic should have also killed him in The Revenant. You can't immerse yourself in water that cold without almost immediately having your systems start shutting down.

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