From Marvel to 'Mosul': Russo brothers embark on global mission


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Since things are going complete leftist SJW type, I'm looking forward to a person of color that is a transvestite or better yet trans gender, that identifies as something extremely weird playing in a serious Super Hero movie, and I'm looking forward to seeing it on the Big Screen, really, because I know it's coming and it won't be a comedy.

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Also in the works are "Dhaka," a film about the kidnapping of a Bangladeshi businessman shot mainly in India, and Japanese anime adaptation "Battle of the Planets."

Sounds like an interesting move away from the Marvel blockbusters!

And complete nerdgasm over the idea of Battle of the Planets on the big screen.

I wonder who'd play Zoltar. If you watched the show, there's a bit of ambiguity as to who was behind the mask.

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