Fujiwara receives Nikkei Social Initiative Award


Celebrity Norika Fujiwara, 41, this week received a special award at the Nikkei Social Initiative Awards ceremony held by the Nikkei newspaper.

This award is given to an individual or group who contribute to society. As the PR ambassador for the Japanese Red Cross Society, Fujiwara has been involved in charity activities such as building schools in developing countries. The award was given to Fujiwara for her ongoing contribution to society, Nikkan Sports reported.

"I am very spoiled to be loved by many people," Fujiwara said.

Although reporters asked about her relationship with a TV program director, Fujiwara dodged the issue and said she hopes to get married again one day.

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She has a lovely smile.

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better hurry up, that biological clock is ticking

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@wtfJapan - I'm more than happy to volunteer - multiple times - to help Noriko "beat her biological clock"!

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41 ???? She looks like 20 !!! Please tell me her secret !

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She looks like 20 !!! Please tell me her secret !

Although she hasn't admitted it to the public, it's well known in the industry that she gets plastic surgery periodically. The procedures she gets aren't drastic so she gets away with it but her beauty is definitely not natural. Ever notice how she completely disappears from public engagements for a few months every couple of years?

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i use to like her before, now shes just a high price call girl . the one with the most fame/cash will be the next husband

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it's well known in the industry that she gets plastic surgery periodically.

No doubt on that. She has changed noticeably since I first came to Japan, which was around the time of her debut. Still, I would not kick her out of bed for eating natto. She is gorgeous, surgery or not. At least the changes here and there are not drastic.

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