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'Game of Thrones' most popular series in HBO history


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Love GoT!!!! What strikes me as odd is, I have a sling box, so I am up to the final 2 episodes of GoT season 4, but in Japan, season 3 has yet to be released on DVD. But "the Walking Dead" series in Japan is about 2 weeks behind the U.S. And they can't do the same with GoT?? I don't understand why that is?

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Only two episodes left of this season!?! I didn't realize that. What a blow. That last episode had some major diversions from the books. I am eager to see where they are going to go next.

Oh, the Game of Waiting ,...

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It has all the core igredients of a HBO show. violence, realism (in a fantasy world), dysfunctional characters, scheming, tits 'n ass, and so on. The books started good but have to say got a little samey and tedious near the end. hope the TV series doesn't do the same.

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I love this series as well, constantly waiting every Monday morning here in Japan for the latest episode, few hours after it was aired on the US. I cant believe we are down to the last two episodes and then wait for another year for the new season, but this is actually good for me since I haven't finished reading the books yet.

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Episodes could have been easily doubled in duration...story goes way too fast.

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It would have been just as popular if they did not deviate from the books. I wish they hadn't.

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biggest illegal download ever too.

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The show is wonderful. I found the books to be better, though. Go figure. ;)

The change of pace of the last two books vs. the first three throws you off a bit at first. I really liked the character development in books 4 and 5. I am looking forward to books 6 and 7.

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