Gaming world finally gets its Grammy due


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A game soundtrack can be just as evocative and emotional as a TV or film soundtrack.

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Where is League of Legends, haha? They have put out countless tracks to support their games. Some of them have been huge collaborations.

See Giants by True Damage - https://youtu.be/sVZpHFXcFJw

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I guess, quite some game music composer veterans from the Doom series deserve it much more, Bobby Prince, John Romero, Mick Gordon et al.

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Gamers are lame

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Gamers are lame

Gamers are gamers..

Don't judge people about their hobbies, grow up..

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Modern games often require access to a remote server, unlike the old standalone games you would load from cassette or CD. So when the servers are turned off, all that will remain will be the soundtrack and any recorded clips.

You can still play standalone games on retro kit, often via SD-RAM adaptors, but the modern ones will simply vanish forever.

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