George Clooney appears in new ad for Kirin beer


American actor George Clooney is appearing in a new commercial for Kirin's Green Label beer.

As usual, it is one of those cryptic ads where you're not sure what it's all about and what the connection is between Clooney painting the roof of a rural cottage, smiling at a bird and drinking Kirin beer. His only dialogue comes at the end when he says "Kimochi ii" (it feels good).

Clooney has been a familiar face in Japanese TV ads and on posters for awhile. A few years ago, he appeared in a series of ads for Nespresso automated espresso makers.

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As usual, it is one of those cryptic ads where you’re not sure what it’s all about and what the connection is between Clooney painting the roof of a rural cottage, smiling at a bird and drinking Kirin beer.

It's called celebrity placement.

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Does this really deserve to be included in Headline News?

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I love George and saw this commercial last night. Was left with a "WTF? Do these folks not get that ths stuff is online and all can see it these days"? I'm sure he made a pretty penny off it.

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Japanese commercials - where Hollywood stars go to die.

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Who paints a house in a white shirt?

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Graham DeShazoMAR "Who paints a house in a white shirt?"

Someone getting paid a lot...

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Better not be that "happoshu" stuff.

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I love it when Western celebrities appear on TV ads here. It makes me less homesick.

But whoever made this ad was REALLY mailing it in, it seems...

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As terrible as this is, anything on this green Earth is better than having to watch bloody Arashi in one of their million commercials... Way to promote a man's drink by picking the girliest 'men' on the planet - way to go Kirin...

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People who commission TV commercials, the ones who produce them, those who air them and those who watch them, they must have something in common. I guess I don't belong to any of those categories and I wonder if the money paid to those who degrade themselves to assist in producing them have any satisfaction about their appearance or achievement for promoting a product that contributes nothing to anyone at all.

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I wonder if George even aware that what he's stumping isn't even real beer. Oh well what's the difference--he's getting paid a princely sum. And only Japanese people will see it anyway...wrong!

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I think that's one good-looking guy. I wish I looked like him.

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David FoleyMar. 06, 2014 - 07:04PM JST

Japanese commercials - where Hollywood stars go to die.

Really? I've always heard that Japanese commercials pay WAY more than commercials in America. I'm talking millions of $. That's why many 'A' list American celebrities do them.

1) They pay well

2) In Japan, celebrities in commercials is not negative publicity. and

3) The commercials are not shown back home so no one knows they're selling out

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In Hawaii we get Kirin made in LA at the Budweiser plant... Asahi made at Molson plant in Canada... Sapporo made in LaCrosse Wisconsin..

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That is not beer. It's beer-like beverage.

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Beer for your nespresso machine ?

That's why many 'A' list American celebrities do them.

No, it's mostly because, if they do US classic commercials and get paid over a certain amount, consumers can sue them for defects or accidents of the advertised products. So they do as many CMs as possible in any other country. And while in the US, they do product placement. Whenever it's possible George drinks/wears obvious brand stuff inside his US movie, TV shows, award ceremonies... Not way he takes less for it than with Japanese CMs. think ?

not shown back home so no one knows

All the contrary. That will be reported on all the US "celeb news" on TVs and internet. His movies have more difficulty to attract the attention of commentators.

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It's happoshu. Not quite beer since it's low-malt, but way better than any of the dai-san/3rd category crap.

But this 70% off carbs, 4.5% alcohol Green Label version of Kirin Tanrei is nowhere near as good as regular 5.5% alcohol Tanrei.

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I'm with Tahoochi - it should have said "Japan, the place where discerning celebrities go to make insane amounts of money for a moments work."

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Western celebrities mainly make these things about the same time one of their movies comes out in Japan. Plus they get paid really well for not a whole lot of work. In the USA, they'd go on late night talk shows to plug their movies, but because of the language barrier, this isn't always the most opportune thing to do in Japan. In other words, these commercials are also usually plugs for a movie on the sly, and it helps introduce the actors to a new generation of Japanese viewers. "Who's in that new movie? Oh, the guy from the Kirin commercial with the bird and the paint? OK." In the USA, Cinematic A-listers usually only show up in commercials for luxury items, if they show up at all - famous actors who do commercials are usually not "working", as in starring in a major motion picture, ala Lawrence Fishburne currently doing car commercials. Not that this logic does not apply to sports or music celebrities, whom historically and currently often do commercials in the States.

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Mark Gross, I really like your explanation!

Anyway, there are many TV ads historically in Japan featuring stars that would never do such an ad in the USA. The list of famous A-List celebrities doing such ads in Japan is a long one. By the way, some have become very familiar household names in Japan because of the ads--perhaps the best-known right now is Tommy Lee Jones, who appears in print, large display and TV ads for Suntory's Boss brand canned coffee drinks (and has done so since 2006).

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