George Lucas apologizes for calling Disney 'white slavers'


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I am amazed that this movie already made a biilion USD within such a short time. A record breaker for sure.

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George is always**** in a bad mood. His sour face belies the whole spirit of SW. Just stay home, George, and spare us your slab-faced countenance.

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Considering the not very good episodes 1-3, and the excellent episode 7, I think that they are doing a better with the franchise than he did in the end.

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george you sold it and got ya money so shut ya pie hole.

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“I rarely go out with statements to clarify my feelings but I feel it is important to make it clear that I am thrilled that Disney has the franchise and is moving it in such exciting directions,” said Lucas in his statement.

Translation, my lawyers & Disney lawyers have pointed out I did a boo boo speaking my mind when I am legally not allowed(once I sold lucas films) to hence my semi retraction & praise for Disney, now I will go away to my room.

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...(Disney) had sold his characters to 'white slavers'...

Sounds like the actors, perhaps the original lineup of Harrison Ford & Co., may have received far less money than they were expecting and maybe they were grumbling to Lucas about it behind the scenes. This wouldn't really be surprising considering Disney's well-known reputation among actors for stinginess. Robin Williams refused to do any of the following sequels for the animation Alladin for this reason. Of course, Williams knew what he was getting himself in for, but, hey, it's Disney! He just expected more money the second time around due to the spectacular success of the first film. Disney didn't budge on paying him more and Williams quit. I haven't seen the latest Star Wars movie, but I wonder how many of the original characters (Harrison & Co.) will return after this incredible success if these actors feel they have been or are being short-changed as Williams had felt.

Still, $4.06 billion USD is nothing to sneeze at. Lucas probably said what he said to make his old crew of Star Wars actors feel as though he was standing up for them. Why else would he? Lucas received over $4B USD to hand over total ownership of Star Wars to Disney, so he's completely out of the picture (no pun intended).

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Rose did not ask a follow-up question on his PBS show

Of course he didn't - Rose is the most overrated media personalities in history. He probably wasn't even listening to Lucas, just getting ready to ask the next question his intern wrote.

And Lucas should not feel comfortable speaking publicly about injustice when he ruined the Star Wars legacy with Jar Jar Binks!

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Much though I disliked the prequels and much though I liked Episode 7, I can't help but feel a bit of melancholy knowing that George, who brightened my childhood so much with the original trilogy, seems to feel a bit left out watching the Star Wars universe taking off again only this time without him. I guess he can find solace in the mountains of cash he owns but still....

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@rainyday: he is still young and can, with those billions, start shooting a new saga like he did in 1977.

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@LostinNagoya, He is still young? he is 71! Are you Japanese as its only Jlandgin who would call 71 young?

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@Syrangerland "and the excellent episode 7"

Oh, come on ! "Excellent". LOL.

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what's the interest on 4 billion dollars??? GL needs to STFU and get on with his life.

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@Kobe. With 4.02 bilion dollars in your bank account and given the ammenities, technology and medicine that he can buy, he can can live more twenty years and be solid.

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george you sold it and got ya money so shut ya pie hole. I think hes just bitter because the latest film will make much more than all the other movies by far, probably annoyed he should have asked more than the 4 billion be got for it.

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Looking at the original trilogy, it wasn't much of George Lucas that made that possible. Some, but not a lot. The opening shots, the secondary directors, directors of photography, the requirement to use practical effects at the time, relegated and tempered his production. By the time CGI made it possible decades later to make everything he wanted, it was crap. George had a lucky series of events, working with talented people, and now other real actual talented people are taking the ideas and made a wonderful replacement.

Had intellectual property only been 35 years, many new variants of Star Wars would have been possible to do 5 years ago. Interestingly it has been Disney, who has benefited to build an empire, that keeps lobbying and getting ludicrous IP extensions. Irony

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George Lucas is the new David Prowse of the Star Wars franchise, grouchy old man.

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Lucas gave the 4 billion away to charity

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@ Peter

Arghh I met Dave back in the early 90s he was a big teddy bear.

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I didn't watch the new movie and never will. Grow up boys. Girls know better.

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Grow up boys. Girls know better.

Yea, grow old, bitter, and senile? I think not. Maintain responsibility but always stay young at heart.

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I get your point mate but still he is not young thats all.

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Isn't he mere 71 summers young.

Reckon Eastwood, and many still top performers from the eaat or west are older, so age is no excuse and proof it too.

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