George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy to be honored by Producer’s Guild


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Excellent ground-breaking revolutionary films that I am proud to have grown up with. They both have set the standard and made templates of what modern movies should be. We need more visionaries like these two, so bad. Most films today are such utter insipid garbage.

Congratulations, George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy!

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This is like giving Judas Iscariot a ‘participation certificate’ for helping Jesus with his “IP”.

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After Lucas ‘handing the reins’ to his former assistant “Kathy”, Kennedy and Bob Iger lied to George about their (Palpatine’s parallel universe) “sequels”. They tossed his notes (although with some more of the strange Midi-chlorian tangents) aside and tried to ‘re-invent’ the ‘lightning in a bottle’ that was the first StarWars movie and trilogy. George remained absolutely silent when privately-screening the completed The Force Awakens, spoke 4 words: “*You did nothing new” *and walked out.

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Begin scroll: “The ‘Epic Fail’ for true fans of the original films (and those of George’s prequels) continues . . .” :

Disney Theme Parks’s Galaxy’s Edge and now, the ill-conceived Galactic Cruiser resort hotel-experience are complete flops:


This is so ‘cringy’, it‘s nauseating.

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Rolf AndersonToday  12:23 pm JST

Honor Kathleen Kennedy, the woman who put a $4 billion franchise into the gutter? (Well, actually she put Star Wars into the lowest pipe in the sewer.) This is another example of how United States entertainment awards, and their ceremonies, have come to be bereft of any meaning.

If that's the case then Quentin Tarantino will also get honored, his films glorify great sadism and cruelty for no apparent reason, extreme sick violence, hyper-in-the-diaper tension and bad sex. Seeing two of his films was enough for me. And yes, the STAR WARS franchise sucks now. I saw a 'newer' one, after Carrie Fisher died in real life. It had Padma vs. the 'Slorc'(?) king/whatever. A total deviation and bastardization of the original STAR WARS legacy. Awful, just awful.

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George Lucas yes. Kathleen Kennedy no.

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