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George Miller reboots 'Mad Max' with '105-minute chase scene'


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Loved the original mad max, but I'd like to add the car chase from the Blues Brothers to the list. :)

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Yes Driver springs to mind. Btw I think the movie Ronin also had a pretty great carchase. Either way im looking forward to this one.

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Fav chase scene/movie.....".Duel ".

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Bad enough that every director sticks a chase scene in any action movie. The vast majority are boring and do nothing to advance the plot. Now an entire movie consisting of a chase scene?? No thanks.

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That is awesome, can't wait to watch it. The Mad Max movies were so good

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More CGI nonsense.

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Saw the "Road Warrior" at the drive-in when it came out. I don't think anything can top that chase scene past and present. These days, I'm just so tired of them, they ALL get fast forwarded.

Not holding my breath for this one, but crossing my fingers.

The dialog/video in the beginning of RW holds true today about resources and "the warring tribes" (loved that). If Miller doesn't connect the dots to present day, then it's really just a car chase in the desert, IMO.

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FizzBit Aug. 01, 2014 - 08:24AM JST Saw the "Road Warrior" at the drive-in when it came out. I don't think anything can top that chase scene past and present.

The movie "Bullitt" with Steve McQueen had the greatest car chase ever.

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Ok sfjp, let's make it the top 5 then, lol. Cuz "Vanishing Point( the 1st one)" was good as well.

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the whole film is a “105-minute chase scene through the wasteland.”

Props for doing something new, but seriously you couldn't come up with an dialogue?

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I wouldn't at all say the series was male dominated.. In Road Warrior, there was the female warrior in white, who held her own on the tanker. In Beyond Thunderdome, one of main characters was Tina Turner as Aunty Entity. These were both in a time where it was uncommon to have characters such as these...

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@commanteer I somehow doubt its literally a 105 minute chase scene. Probably more like 105 minutes on the move or something. My bet is going to all this being a very poor attempt to entice us to go see it. I don't want to see a 105 minute chase scene either.

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We are primed and ready for this. Fast and Furious had us focus on aero-parts, paint jobs and wheels. Of course, we love that.

The Road Warrior takes us back to what matters. How's your engine going to hold up in all that heat? Which vehicle can survive that desert run? I don't expect to see a Toyota Prius in Fury Road.

The best thing about the Road Warrior movies was probably the ingenuity when resources are scarce. I'm sure you all remember that oil tanker that was converted with makeshift turrets across the top. What a Battle!!! In the desert sun as well.

How ironic isn't it? A movie that is dependent on cars is trying to recapture that "spark" that made the original so great!!

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Most important of all... The Interceptor is back! Best movie car of all time bar none.


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FizzBit : French Connection car chase was pretty good

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Fifteen years to come up with good guys, bad guys and a car chase, a bloody long one at that.....sheesh!

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"105-minute chase scene"

Are they going to have any time for dialogue? For this movie, though, maybe no dialogue is better...

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Is Tina Turner also in this new one? I'm a bit too young to have seen the original, but a bit too old to get excited about this new one I guess.

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No Mel = No Mad Max!

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