George Takei musical 'Allegiance' to close next month


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$552,338 from a potential box office haul of $927,600.

The theater has been almost half-empty.

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Way off, offfff broadway.

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Way off, offfff broadway.

The Longacre is a Broadway theater. Here's a list:


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He had a fantastic Facebook page, till he kept spamming promotions for this daily. It was panned from what I heard.

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His fb page is probably the most annoying on the entire internet, it's like his own personal buzzfeed

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I met him a few years ago and spoke Japanese with him and I had to admit my Japanese was better than his ! He was a nice guy though and his heart is in the right place. How many people at his age, let alone his ethnicity and sexual orientation, could still give a star turn on Broadway ? Good on ya, George. Not a bad swan song at that.

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Japanese is a difficult language for some Americans.

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