Gere belongs in cinema, not as migrant witness: ex-Italian minister


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Gere is lucky he isn’t a president or a prime minister. It would be nice to swing the doors wide open for the world’s poor, but what do you do with all of them after they’ve entered?

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This is a bit insane...so now a country can not make a policy to stop itself being overrun by tens of thousands migrants arriving on boats as was the case in Italy in 2019 ? What do you think would happen if they started arriving in Japan in their tens of thousands, can you imagine J- politicians being tried for a strict immigration policy? Of course bot. EU politics dictated to sovereign countries by Brussels bureaucrats are sometimes truly a mad circus to watch.

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Richard Gere.

Actor?Not bad?


Let me turn the page...

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Over paid luvies telling us how to think or behave. What expertise in Italian law or EU regulations does he claim to have? If none then he is just being used to try and turn the case into a circus show.

I agree it is insane that a purportedly sovereign nations laws relating to its security an ultimately its survival can be overturned by unelected Bureaucrats living safely in another country. I can promise if they had to have the illegal economic migrants located in the nice safe upmarket areas they live in their reaction would be different as it would if they were competing for work and driving down their obscene salaries, but that only happens to the working classes so is irrelevant in their elitist world view and therefor “racist” should anyone dare to object!

As stormcrow said or would be nice to swing the doors wide open for the worlds poor but such actions have unintended consequences and sadly the elites making these decisions are unconnected to the reality of the consequences of their actions.

I approve of helping these people but the help needs to be in their own country or the first safe country they reach.

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American gigolo was the apotheosis of this oji-san career

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Although I much preferred deuce Bigelow, especially part 2 in Europe....hilarious

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