German actor Hardy Kruger dies at 93


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First I've ever heard of him. RIP

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a very good actor.

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He was in a few British films at the start of his career, I saw one of them, Bachelor of Hearts, on TV recently. He was a very good actor.

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A great human being, a Mensch, has died. A big "fun fact" missing from his bio here is how, as a teenage child soldier, he had been cruelly condemned to death by a military tribunal but was saved from execution by an SS-man. Shortly afterwards a Belgian Waffen SS officer shot dead  Hardy's friend and teenage comrade-in-arms for his refusal to participate in a senseless suicide attack whereupon Hardy Krüger instinctively retaliated against the shooter and for his inhumanity dispatched him to hell. RIP HK.

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The Guardian obituary.


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A fantastic human, that lived though the darkness. With his soul intact.

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he once owned a farm in Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Wow! That in itself is awesome.

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Never heard of him, though I enjoyed Hogan's Heroes

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Cricky 12:03 pm JST

A fantastic human, that lived though the darkness. With his soul intact.

A fine actor and good man. RIP.

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Jessie Lee:

There’s a link between Hardy Kruger and Hogan’s Heroes, in that both Kruger, as we read in the article, and Werner Klemperer, who played Colonel Klink in HH, were determined anti-Nazis who refused to play roles that in any way excused or downplayed Germany’s criminal role in WW2.

Kruger was that rare creature, an actor whose off-screen life reflected more credit on him than even his film credits did. Plus, he was in one of my favourite movies of all time, Barry Lyndon. So RIP, Hardy Kruger.

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I remember him from Hatari (My father watched EVERY John Wayne movie), I found the storyline between the 3 younger men in the movie, 2 hotties and Red Buttons and the girl was in love with comedian Buttons. They made it believable, cute, and funny at the same time. RIP

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