Get on your bike: Coldplay hopes to lead with a green tour


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It's pathetic it takes a global catastrophe (Oil) to make people think.

I rode a bike to work and back every day in Katsushika Ku, along the rivers. Twenty minutes tops to work. No trains to wait on.

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What a bunch of fools. You pay $50 - $100+ for a concert ticket, and then spend half the show riding a bike to help the millionaire artists feel better about themselves.

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Live Nation averages around 30,000 concerts/festivals per year (lower the lat few years due to Covid). The overwhelming majority of those are not engaged in any of the practices mentioned in this article - just the usual diesel tractor trailer fleet for each artist's tour dates, diesel bus fleet, air cargo flights, plastic everything for the food vendors, massive carbon footprint per artist/per tour/globally.

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Coldplay will also be riding bicycles whenever possible too right?

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They had talked about this well before Covid, I give them credit for that.

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They've been recycling their material since the album Parachutes.

More power to them.

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I thought they were already retired, lol..

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TokyoLivingToday  11:17 am JST

I thought they were already retired, lol..

A noble effort but Willie Nelson has spearheading that for a long time. And Coldplay are dull insipid U2-wannabes at best. Even Bono has said so.

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How much diesel will be used to haul those bikes and the dance floor around between venues?

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